Chicken Milanesas

The secret for this recipe is using Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). Packaged breadcrumbs or making your own just doesn't come close. Trust me. I've tried it all. As an easy side dish I suggest my Farfalle with Spring Onions recipe.



  1. Cut the chicken in half horizontally
  2. Place 1 plate and 2 bowls on the counter
  3. In the plate add flour
  4. In the first bowl crack open 2 eggs, add pepper, salt, and then take a fork and mix well
  5. In the second bowl put the Japanese breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, pepper, salt, oregano, thyme and mix well
  6. Assign only one hand to remove the chicken from the egg
  7. Take a piece of chicken and rub both sides well in the plate of flour
  8. Then dunk each side of the chicken in the egg mix
  9. Now smash each side of the chicken into the bowl of breadcrumbs until completely covered
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 for each piece of chicken
  11. Take a large cooking pan and put a thin layer of olive oil
  12. Heat the olive oil at medium to high for about 2 minutes
  13. Drop half a tablespoon of butter in the cooking pan and spread it around or just use olive oil which works great
  14. Once the butter is dissolved place each piece of chicken in the pan
  15. Cook the milanesas at medium for about 1-2 minutes to each side (or until breadcrumbs are a golden brown color)
  16. You can place each piece and wrap in paper towel to soak up any grease
  17. Cut lemons in half and squeeze lemon juice on milanesas or serve separately