The Spaniards call Ensaladilla any small dish with mayonnaise. The inspiration came from Ensalada Rusa. Personally, I love this recipe served on slices of warm bread as an appetizer.



  1. Chop 2 (or more as you like) spring onions
  2. Chop roasted pimientos as rectangular strips
  3. Dice 5 anchovies into small pieces (optional, but trust me it goes perfect!)
  4. Wash a few leaves of lettuce
  5. Squeeze all the juice out of a lemon into a cup
  6. Open 1 can of tuna with the lid still attached (keeps the tuna from falling out) and pour out all the water
  7. In a bowl add some mayonnaise, add the tuna, lemon juice, spring onions, and anchovies and mix well
  8. On a plate, place the few pieces of lettuce
  9. On the same plate add the dip mix
  10. Place the strips of roasted pimientos on top
  11. Now you can serve like that in a plate/bowl
  12. Or take slices of warm baguette bread and place a piece of lettuce with the mix on top