Farfalle with Spring Onions

This is to simple for some but tastes great and makes an excellent side for any other dish. Goes really well with my recipe for milanesas.



  1. Cut 4-5 spring onions in half and wash them well
  2. Once spring onions are clean, chop them up
  3. Boil the farfalle pasta
  4. With a minute left save a big spoonful or two of the boiling water
  5. Remove the boiling water and put the pasta back in the pot
  6. Add 2 tablespoons of butter
  7. Toss in the spring onions
  8. Add a fair amount of olive oil
  9. Add the boiling water you saved (helps by not needing to use so much olive oil)
  10. While in the pot mix the pasta well and then serve