Steak Milanesas

The secret for this recipe is using Japanese breadcrumbs called Panko. Packaged breadcrumbs or making your own just doesn't come close. Trust me. I've tried it all. I highly recommend preparing these in advance and letting them marinate for several hours or better yet overnight.



  1. Place 1 plate and 2 bowls on the counter
  2. In the first bowl crack open eggs
  3. Add crushed red pepper (optional), pepper, salt, parsley, and garlic (the more the better)
  4. Take a fork and mix well
  5. Have the steak sit in the egg mix for at least 15-30 minutes to marinate (or better yet overnight)
  6. In the second bowl add breadcrumbs
  7. Assign only one hand to remove steak from the egg
  8. Take each piece of steak and smash each side into the bowl of breadcrumbs to not only stick well but to flatten the steak
  9. Pour a thin layer of olive oil in a cooking pan
  10. Cook milanesa at about medium heat for about 1-2 minutes each side (or until breadcrumbs are a golden brown color)
  11. You can place each piece and wrap in paper towel to soak up any grease
  12. Cut lemons in half and squeeze lemon juice on milanesas or serve separately